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I always though that insulin is I am about to be started on insulin and am reading all about it and learning there is 100 of them.... which is the best? Are there any differences between them? Are all equally safe, does one of them pose a greater risk of side effects? Is there a difference a price? Do all insulins have to be injected or are there types that can be taken as a pill? Any information would be appreciated.


Hello, you are posting a very good question about insulin that meaning people may have not even considered.  There are different types of insulin.  They all have a unique "peak" time that is important to know about.  Regular insulin acts within 15 minutes while Lantus, which is a long-acting insulin, will last all day without peaking.  So depending on the type of fluctuations you have with your blood sugars will depend on what type of insulin you will be using at any given time.  Some patients can be on three different insulin types to cover all blood glucose peaks during the day.  Insulin is a natural hormone with relatively no side effects other than hypoglycemia.  Insulin can never be taken orally because it gets broken down in the digestive tract.