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Hi, I'm having insulin pump complications. I don't think it is working properly. I'm having hypos and hypers. Is it possible that the pump is defective in some way? That's really scary. I switched over to an insulin pump because my doctor said it mimicked pancreatic function better and would control my sugar levels more accurately. I can understand that it would but at the moment it doesn't seem to be doing that. Is there something wrong with my pump or is possibly an insulin problem? I'm really concerned about this. Does anyone out there have experience with insulin pump? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.


Hello, There are a number of problems that can occur with pumps although they are quite rare. It is possible that the pump fails to pump. If this happens you will surely know. This sets you up for ketoacidosis (hypers). As you probably know the symptoms for this include increased thirst, drink more fluids than usual and frequent urination. It is possible that you may have an infection at the infusion site. This will generate inflammation at that site and may close off your infusion tubing or at cause it to be narrowed. You should have your diabetes manager check your pump and infusion site to see if that is your problem. Some insulins depending on their source and how they might be buffered can cause inflammation which will decrease the flow of insulin to your system. I believe some experiments where done on this some time ago. Somewhere around 30 patients were observed with different insulins in a clinical trial. Researchers found that there were adverse reactions to buffered pork insulin in terms of inflammation at the infusion site. This was less so the case with unbuffered beef-port insulin. I'm uncertain about the new synthetics cause I'm using the old insulins.