Hi, my Mother-In-Law (Louise) has been living in our home since March 2008, she is 95 years old, suffering with low grade cancer and other health issues. Her mind still seems to be keen but she is depressed and obsessed with getting her sight back like it once was. Before moving into our home she lived alone about 13 miles from our home but every day coming up with reasons we had to come care for her, yet we had to fight with her to get her to come and live with us. In April or May of 2007 I agreed to go and help my Husband (her son) clean her living room which was a disorder packrat mess. We took boxes and packed papers, books, etc. and labeled the boxes and she was fine with the results that day telling us she had been wanting that done for 3 years or more. A couple of days after this happened she called my husband in tears saying that I had come over taking all her books away from her and that she had unpacked the boxes and needed him to help her put it all back where it was. This has never gotten better now over a year later and we have apologize numerous times but she just sits and dwells on it day in and day out and her anger is at me and no one else, she does not like to be in a room with just the two of us and will not go along in a vehicle if I am going along. Louise is 95 years old and she is jealous and resents any time my Husband gives to me so I have pulled away from both of them and can see the strain on my marriage. Pulling away is the only way that has helped me deal with it because I cannot talk to her and she looks at me mean as if to strike me if I try. I do sympathize with my Husband as this is his Mother and neither of us can make her not hate me anymore.

Please enlighten me on anything that is helpful.