Hi im new here and after reading a couple of posts i decided to put my own im 25 years old im dealing with palpitations feels like a third extra beat, i use to only get 1 every few days, now since before yesterday ive been getting them way more during the day but they seem to go away wen i lay down, but the moment i get up a few minutes later they come back not all the time but sometimes. Ive had a blood test done and im not missing any vitamins everything is good i also had a chest xray they checked my lungs and the size of my heart nothing wrong there either. Weird thing is they never wake me up at night ive never felt any of them while sleeping. Im someone with anxiety ive had panic attacks in the past. There is no family history of heart problems or even any health problems for that matter. I have acid refux sometimes and also have a bad posture forward neck syndrome its where your neck and head is way too forward i dont know if this coud be the cause or maybe the acid reflux. Have you felt this before and what did your doctor tell you? lol im gonna make an appointment tomorow but just wanna to get some advice! Thanks! Forgot to mention they seem to happend more after i eat it doesnt seem like i feel any wen i dont eat for 4 days i barely ate because i did not have my pay from the job so i ate what i had in the house wich was mostly fish and couscous and not once in those 4 days did i get palpitations the moment i started eating again wen i got my pay i bought a pizza had some gingerale chips very next day i had palpitations all day and now there less happening but still more present then they usually are