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ive been having palpitations for over a week pretty much non stop during the day and night while sitting up at the computer or while laying down going to bed and waking heart rate is pretty much normal anywhere from 70-95 maybe occasionally goes to 100 very rare..i dont feel any irregular beat or any skipped or extra beats its just steady palpitations im 21 male..before these started like this i had chest pain and occasional palpitations in the last month or 2 ive had several ekgs,chest xrays,blood tests,24 hour halter monitor,echocardiograhm and heart stress test all came back normal they say its anxiety..normally i wouldnt be scared about palpitations but whats bothering me is that there non stop all day and night thats what got me worried and i cant get to the dr till mon cause hes away and the person covering dont accept my insurance do you think i should have anything to worry about considering all those tests were clear it just scares me that there non stop and i have stopped taking in all caffeine


I suffured from so called night time palpatations for over 15 years. None of my doctors advice or meds helped me. I did extensive reading of medical journals about my condition and discovered that my palps could be due to my stainless steel cookware!!!

Apparently when you heat this cookware (chromium and nickel) it drives so called super chromium particles(?) into the food you are cooking. This S-chromium defeats(?) selenium, a mineral that helps your heart function.

I started taking selenium supplements (any drugstore has this) along with my Vit E and am starting to feel better.

I encourage everyone to consider their cookware as culprit if you experience night time/after dinner palpatations.