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I am a 24 year old woman. I was considerably healthy. Ive had asthma since birth.
In June i noticed my throat swelling up, or inflammation. I couldn't swallow pills or eat because food would get caught in my throat.
This is now October. Within these four months I have been to an allergist im allergic to the world but the meds they gave me dont work.

i have had a ultrasound of my thyroid and i have nodules. I have had a needle biopsy aspiration. They were normal, but has features of hashimotos disease. Doctors did nothing. I have had a thyroid scan and uptake and the results are complicated long story short nothing big enough to give me anything. I am stressing out now. Sometimes my thyroid blood work will be normal, and when i stopped my birth control, they were abnormal. Now they are normal again.They think its hyperthyroid but they arent doing anything

I have seen a cardiologist for my heart problems , I need to see an ENT and I need to see an Endocrinologist. they want to chuck it up to stress but my white blood cells are high and my liver tests are a little off but no one is doing anything. Ive lost so much weight because i cant really eat. Doc has put me on propranolol for my heart but that makes my asthma act up. before they just put me on valium. I have been to the ER twice within the last month. I feel I am getting the run around can anyone help?

my symptoms
-food stuck in throat
-post nasal drip
-mucus in throat but never goes anywhere
-ear pain
-swollen glands, swollen throat tightness
trouble speaking
-heart palpitations, heart racing
short of breath
cant eat wheat
-cloudy urine
-more i cant think of as the moment


I have these exact same symptoms.  Any luck on finding out what t the problem is?