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I am 24 years old and for the past years my cycle has been extremely off. I will bleed for 3 months then stop for 2 and so on. My doctor put me on 2 different types of birth control and it didn't help and then tried a low dosage of a male hormone, and that stopped it for a short time . then put me back on birth control, and that didn't help, but I needed to stay on it. My question is : What could be causing this and how can I get it to stop? I have of course become anemic. HELP!!!!!!!!


Hello! Have your periods always been like that or is it something you developed recently?

In younger women, it is usually due to hormonal imbalance or because of irregular menstrual cycle. You may go without a period for some months, which would cause your uterus lining to build up and when menstruation would occur, you would experience a whole lot of bleeding.
Have you had any blood tests done, biopsies, etc?

Considering you are only 24, I wouldn’t say you have developed any of the growths in the uterus that could be causing such bleedings but I reckon your gyn should have suggested it anyway. The growths that could possible occur are usually benign and most often appear at the age of 30,40, 50.

Do you have any other problems with bleeding? Prolonged nose-bleedings, easy bruising, etc. Your prolonged menstrual bleedings could also be a sign of an underlying blood disorder.

Nothing can be determined without evaluation and examining by your doctor.