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my period started very light for 3 days, then for 20 days I bled very heavily. In an hour I changed pads 5-6 times and passing huge clots. Taking a shower was the scariest thing that could ever happened to me. I am a mother of two, I gave birth to my daughter on November 2005. Since then, my period was normal until march 2006. My GYN prescribed birth control, but I refuse to take it. I'm breastfeeding and I am also overweight and at risk of all the side effects. So I waited it out until it finally stopped. What do you think caused me to bleed like that, and those clots? %-) %-)


Look, it is very hard to say what the reason of your prolonged bleeding was especially because it happened just this one time. If it happened at least twice, we could suspect hormonal imbalance, which usually causes such prolonged and heavy bleedings.

When was the last time you had your pelvic exam or an ultrasound. Since, it’s been 7 months since you gave birth, I highly doubt that you developed any of the possible uterine or cervical growths that could be causing prolong bleeding. However, even if these growths have developed, then usually cause break through bleedings like in between periods but could also make your periods heavy. The clots you had are just a consequence of the heavy period you experienced. They form when the flow is fast and heavy and when there aren’t enough those anti-coagulators to prevent blood from clotting.

I reckon that you should either wait for your next period and see if it happens again and then see a gyn if it does, or if you are too anxious you may see a gyn right away and have it checked.