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I keep on getting colds that last about 2-3 months I go to the doctor who gives me antibiotics it goes away for 1-2 weeks and comes back again. I have a dust allergy which im being desensitized for but a cough and sneeze aren't its symptoms. I also have hayfever and asthma. What could it be. Why does it keep coming back


Hello California,

Allergies are not well understood and asthma is still not understood well, this causes problems for diagnosis and treatment.  I do have a suggestion however.  You might try boosting your immune system with a very powerful natural supplement.  I in no way sell this product but have used it for a number of years and that is a powerful mushroom know as Cordyseps sinensis.  It has been known to work with asthma and Olympic Athletes take it to increase their oxygen utilization.  It cleans out the lungs and relaxes the trachea to allow more oxygen to flow into the lungs.  I highly suggest you buy one of these products as this will not only help with asthma but it will enhance your immune system.  What ever product you choose should do you well.