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how long should I be taking Zinc.
today is the 6th day of 50mg

Ive read that you shouldn't take it longer than a week?
when can I start again?

im taking 50mg once a day of zinc for cold sores.
I read that it helps with the immune system and with healing.

ive also read on a remedies for cold sores
that you can crush the zinc and add water till its a paste
and apply it topically? I found that it works. is it safe to be doing this?


Hello left2wonder,

The mineral zinc is important to your metabolism.  You need it as a cofactor to activate certain enzymes.  Multivitamins contains zinc and if you take a multi everyday you will be getting zinc.  I'm not surprised that zinc helps your cold sores.  Colds sores are viral infections.  Zinc binds to cell surfaces preventing virus from getting into cells.  In fact, if you have a cold or flu, there is a product that contains zinc for just that purpose.  It is supposed to help you get over your cold or flu must faster.  There are doctors that back this as well.