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Well i had a cold that started two months ago. all the symptoms disappeared except for the cough. My cough is productive. i was given zpack, then prilosec, and zantac. Had an xray, and was given allegra. Then i was given predinosine, amoxicillin, robitussin, and dulera inhaler. then the doctor switched me to biaxin and increaded the predinosine dosage. No response to any of the medications. The xray was clear. My cough brings up sputum that is clearand viscous. any advice and experience with this would be really appreciated. Thanks


Hello sinan,

I have a lot ot problems with colds and they linger for ever.  I stay congested and cough and the material is clear similar to what you have.  I found a natural product that clears the lungs of mucus and debris and has the ability to dilate the trachea allowing for more oxygen to get to the alveoli increasing your utilization of oxygen by about 40 percent according to clinic trials.  Look for any supplement that contains contains mushrooms that also contains the mushroom Cordyceps sinensis.  This is one powerful mushroom.  I had been congested with a terrible cough for several months.  I took this stuff and all was gone within 3 days.  This mushroom is a powerful immune booster as well.  Now, whenever I feel like I'm getting a cold I take Cordyseps and so far my cold disappears.