Last Wednesday i was with my friends in a chicken shop where we ate for dinner, we'd played football for a couple of hours that day and all i had eaten was toast in the morning (this was about 7 - 7.30 ) and midway eating i stopped and felt sick, i heaved multiple times but i never threw up.. the next day was results day and i had burger king for lunch,yet again i felt sick so stopped eating. later that day at dinner i could only eat about half cause i constantly felt like i was going to throw it all up. friday i had little appeite but managed to eat , saturday was the same but yet again a kow appetite. On sunday i was fine until dinner where i didnt really feel sick but i was slow eating my food due to my appetite. Now its monday and ive had toast but ate slow as i literally had no appetite to eat it, ive never known my system to be so weird as i am a frequent eater (despite my weight ) I AM 16 and 8 and a half stone, and ive always been annoyed at how skinny i am ( i have a very high metabolism) so i need answers ASAP as i cant afford to lose weight