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I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on the 3rd of this month, we had sex 2 days after my period had ended. I noticed that his semen kept leaking out of me, it smelled like him and that lasted for about a day or two. The next day I secreted lots of yellow and or brown discharge, it came out like water. Then a day later I started to bleed again and it lasted for about 4 days off and on. Then I started to discharge again and it lasted for days and it was the color of clear yellow discharge like water. Also, my breast are slightly sore but they became sore today. I am really scared and nervous of what could be going on.


It could be due to stress. Your not pregnant so no need to worry about that. If sex is uncomfortable since this happened then you should be seen incase you have an infection. 

Good luck in finding whats up.