I am 18 years of age and got a kyleena iud the 8th of April this year. The first two months I had a lot of bleeding and cramps but the past 2 or so months I haven't seen any issues. On the 4 of July I engaged in unprotected sex with a partner. 4-5 days after I had light itching around my labia Minora accompanied with a clear discharge tinged with blood, it smelled a little fishy so I had assumed I had bv, I get it often and went with my regular "douching" with hydrogen peroxide for 2 days until my symptoms disappeared( antibiotics never really helped me). My period ended up being 4-5 days late and was very light, bright red blood with periods of stopping and starting the same day. I left for vacation last Friday, and my period pretty much stopped then Monday I started getting a pink discharge again that has since turned into a dark yellow/brown watery discharge that smells terrible and if I take it directly from my cervix it is tinged with blood. I had light cramps but I get those all the time randomly with my iud. Online I read of other women with the brown discharge but never with any blood. What is going on? Is my body still adjusting to the iud, have I had a chemical pregnancy, do I have an std ? I won't be able to go to the doctor another week and won't have access to getting a pregnancy test for just as long, what should I do? Also my iud strings are intact exactly as they should be