I am 17 and she is 16. This just happened tonight and it was not the first time we had sex. We used a condom. After I finished and I pulled out, there was a white, thick, chunky looking substance at the base of the condom and about the mid section of the condom. We are scared it is semen. But it did not look like there was any semen on the inside of the condom except for the end of it where it is supposed to be. It didn't look like anything had traveled up the condom on the inside and when I tool it off it didnt feel like there was any semen on me either. I don't think the substance looked like semen, but I'm not 100% sure it wasn't. I thought at that point that it may be female discharge and both of us smelled it. It definitely didn't smell like her vagina usually does but it also didn't smell like semen. It either didn't really have a smell or neither of us could smell it form being tired and scared and recovering from colds. The condom did not appear to have leaked and when I took it off there was nothing leaking out of it. I really wish I could have filled it with water to check but I didn't. I have read online that there have been other people with similar problems and people say that this is likely the female discharge that thickened from friction and stuck to the condom. But none of those had the original poster respond to say that they didn't actually get pregnant. I'm scared she could be, even though I'm pretty sure what we say was just the discharge. She doesn't remember when her last period was. We think it should be coming soon. But she also doesn't have a consistent cycle so there is no way to tell if it doesn't come or if it is just delayed because that's what her body feels like doing.