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Hello, I’ve been trying to get pregnant for the past year and finally I had 2 positive pregnancy results and was scheduled for an ultrasound. The results are not good, showing I have low amniotic fluid and my ob-gyn I feel scared me even more by saying to look out for spotting and cramping. He made it sound like I’m at the verge of miscarriage, he just didn’t say it in those words.

To make things worse, all the info I found online makes it sound like low amniotic fluid happens mostly later in pregnancy. I didn’t get any treatment or anything besides being told to rest and watch out for anything strange, but is there anything I can do to change things here or will I miscarry no matter what it happens. My next checkup is in 4 weeks.


Hi Guest,

A low level of amniotic fluid CAN lead to a miscarriage.  It does not necessarily mean you will have one but the odds are much greater.

It can sometimes indicate problems with the mothers health, especially early in pregnancy.  As you get near the second trimester it can indicate a lack of fetal urine output.  You're not quite there yet - IF the dating is accurate.  The kidneys will start working shortly and should increase the amount of amniotic fluid.

Have you had more than one examination and was this finding confirmed?

Make sure that YOU are well hydrated.  Drink lots of fluids, (just a reminder but no alcohol).  Plain water is the best.  Be sure to follow up with all your prenatal care.  There really isn't any long term course of treatment.  Later on in pregnancy they can infuse fluids but it is only temporary.

Good luck.