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:'( ever since i found out i was pregnant at 6 weeks ive had to make myself vomit after eating i still do it now and im 30 weeks pregnant can anyone help me


I wish that I could give you some positive feedback, but you are putting your baby at risk by doing this.

Eating disorders affect a growing number of women every year. Not only can an eating disorder cause detrimental problems to your health, if you are pregnant, an eating disorder can also result some very serious health issues with your baby.

There are numerous risks to your baby if you get pregnant while you are still battling an eating disorder, including:

Higher rate of miscarriage and stillbirth
Higher rate of death within the first month after birth
Increased chance of having a low birth weight baby
Low APGAR scores
Low amniotic fluid
Placental separation
Increased risk of birth defects, especially blindness and mental retardation
Even if your baby seems healthy at birth, studies have shown that as children born to women with eating disorders during pregnancy grow up, they are more likely to be:
Smaller than their peers
Have slower growth, both physically and mentally
Have poor social skills
Be more emotionally dependant

Good luck to you and your baby!