My mother had a lumbar laminactamy of L2-L5 decompression surgery in 2006.
She had a Thoracic fusion done in the U.S.A in 2007
A spinal cord stimulation implant in Sydney in 2009 and then a lumbar fusion done in June 2010 in Perth. The sciatica has passed but she is still on a walker. She continues to have burning and numbness feeling in bilateral left and right up to her knees and also walks around with a walking frame. She cannot walk without the frame. Would she ever walk again without the frame or is there too much nerve damage around the lumbar which prevents her to ever walk again without the frame? She is 65. She took a fall from a ladder crushing T12-L1. Disks were also damaged and replaced with steel rods and also bone fusion. Anyone who may have gone through a similar situation and believe maybe there may be a surgical option to fix the nerves that cause difficulty in walking let me know.

Thanks Mandymia