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I am 19 years old. I have always felt a lump like structure inside my vagina. I have felt it since a few years.

I also have PCOS which I might be having since two years. I didnt continued with the treatment so its not cured yet. The ultrasound showed the presence of some sub centimeter sized cysts inside both the ovaries.

Yesterday I attempted having sexual intercourse for the first time. My partner couldnt penetrate inside me. We tried about 5 times. I have always felt I have a tighter hole, since even putting more than two of my fingers inside hurts. I admit I was not ready and very willing for a sexual intercourse yet, that might have increased my anxiety and decreased my confidence. That must have contributed to the lack of lubrication I felt. I am also pretty afraid of losing my virginity, I pushed my partner away each time he tried to penetrate further.

I am wondering if this lump like structure could also be responsible for making it difficult. Touching it makes me more anxious. I feel its not normal and I wonder if it could be a sign of ovarian or uterus cancer. I have always felt that somethings kind of constricting my vagina and feel lack of space inside it.


I would like to be helped on this. Thanks.


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When you say you have a lump inside your vagina where about inside?
If i was you and your that worried bout it i would go see your doctor about it and get it checked out