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I have a lump inside my vagina and I'm worried it's cancerous? I don't know if you get tumors with cervical cancer but I'm worried. It's like a ball on the inside of my vagina about half a finger in(sorry I know it's gross) I'd say it's bigger then a grape but smaller then a ping pong ball, when I push on it I get a sharp pain, should I be worried? Don't know if it matters or not but I am a virgin.



it sounds to me like you discovered your Bartholin's gland - these are small, pea or grape sized glands located at the entrance into your vagina. Their function is to secrete your natural lubrication during sexual intercourse. Most women discover them simply when they first start masturbating and they can vary in size, depending on your menstrual cycle. These glands can get inflamed and then they become painful, but the pain in this case is much stronger and you’d feel it even without touching the gland.

So, this is nothing cancerous, it's just a gland every woman has, 

Wish you all the best,