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I've Googled this MILLIONS of times and found that its so normal. I'm 14 and i just started noticing this about a year ago. All i keep reading is that its normal and a looot of *men* find it sexy. But what about 15 year old boys?!?!? ive had PLEANTY of boyfriends but never let one go down on my because of this... I dont think i'm ready anyway but still. I've tried looking up what young men think about this and theres nothing on the subject. So can i start it? WHAT DO TEENAGE BOYS THINK ABOUT EXTENDED LABIA MINORA?? They prob dont even know what it is but thats also a problem. What if he looks.. or feels it and says "what is that??" .. then what? and why isnt this tought in health class?! i actually thought something was wrong with me but theres not. I know its normal.. but its just frustrating becase i just want it to go away. Also.. Boys watch porn. And most porn has women with small labias. </3 so thats what they usually see anyway. PLEASE HELP ME! I know i'm normal.. But its hard to be confident.


Just so you know, you ARE normal. The labia comes in different sizes and sometimes a different color. Some are short and tight to the body, while other's sort of hang down and are a little floppy, both are normal. Remember, you have a labia minora (minimal) these are more inside of the labia majora (major) and sometimes the minora are of a different color, like a darker flesh tone than the majora.

Your right when you talk about porn tho. But it's on a screen and it's so fake and gross anyway.

You are 15 and thinking about sex and what the boy's will be thinking is normal for you.'s really nothing to loose sleep over. You can't control the way God made your body, including your private area's. The day will come when you meet a young man and fall head over heels in love with him, he won't care what your business area looks like, although there is nothing wrong with it now. You probably aren't ready to be intimate with a boy, but your questions and concern's are important and they are real to you. Just relax and know that you are fine and you are normal.