Extreme itching on left side of Labia Majora after boil/ingrown hair was there. So for two weeks I had an ingrown hair boil. It was painful but popped and was filled with pus. It refilled again but this time with blood. In an attempt to clean the area, I applied alcohol and clearasil so the boil wouldn’t come back. Well now I am plagued with extreme itching on that side. The boil is gone but I’ve been itching for 2 days so far. I use Vagisil and it helps but I can’t help being worried about when this will go away. I slept in my boyfriends boxers for two days as the boil was healing and have sensitivity to detergents but I can’t remember if the itching is usually this bad. I have no weird discharge, no funky smell and no lumps aside from how raised my skin appears from itching. Just the side where the boil is is red and the left Labia minora is a bit swollen, again from the itching. Could I just be having a bit of a reaction from the clearasil/alcohol/detergent? Or is this something more serious? I’m sexually active but have been with two people in the past 6 months (one being my current boyfriend, and the other is having zero symptoms and has had one sexual partner in the past 3 months besides me), I have an appointment but couldn’t get in until next Friday.