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I have a lump behind my right ear. It comes and goes for the past 5 years. I have went to the dr when it started and he said it was just a lymph node and not to worry about but if it is really painful we could schedule an appt and remove it. Needless to say the thought of someone cutting around my ear or on my head, I have just been dealing with it. Every once in awhile it would bother me but I have been dealing with it. Around thanksgiving time it swelled up to a size of a pea but went away, now it is alost the end of January and it is back again. I really had a hard time eating some yogurt, or just food in general. It's like it sent a shock wave to it and made the pain so intense. Any suggestions? The lump has gone down now after 4 days. I have appt with a dr on Friday. I hope he will run tests to see what it may be. Thanks for help.


It sounds like it needs to be removed if you are having such intense pains with eating your food.  You should not be nervous about the removal of the lymph node.  Its removal will not interfere with anything else in your body such as your ear and your hearing.  The doctor will numb the area very thoroughly so you will not feel a single thing.  It will be nice not having to worry about it after 5 years of putting up with it!  It isn't too far beneath the skin so it should heal up relatively quickly. It is a very simple procedure.