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My dad has been having phlegm and and loss of voice. He has now developed a lump at the side of his neck by ear and also a lump in his stomach on the side. He has been for an xray on his throat and was told it was clear (or so he says). But he has now been for a scan on his stomach and he is having an operation to remove the lumps on his neck. He is not telling us anything about his conversations with the doctors which makes us thinks it could be some form of cancer. What do you think?


Those lumps your father developed are probably lymph nodes that usually swell when there’s an infection near by. There are lymph nodes all over our body but the most seeable and those that can be felt are under the armpit, on the neck, behind ears, in the groins.

If they decided to remove a node from his neck, it probably means that they haven’t found anything in the stomach after the scan and are preparing to do a lymph node biopsy to see why they had swollen. A biopsy can be done in two ways, by needle aspirations ( when a needle is used to take some liquid from the node) or by removing just a part or a whole lymph node to be examined in the lab.

I wouldn’t make any conclusions right now but I am sure that your father will have more information after the nodes removal. If he is not willing to say, it is his private matter but eventually he will have to. Anyway, you should wait just a bit longer until he has any information to share. Maybe he doesn’t want you too worry too much over nothing.

If you get more info about his health state, feel free to share.