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i have a couple lumps the size of a pea on my scrotum. sometimes the pores get tiny white heads or pimples and i have the urge to squeeze them. afterwards small white lumps develop under the skin that eventually get bigger. they stay for a really long time. what can i use to get rid of them? or should i have them removed surgically? i try not to interfere with them anymore hoping that they would go away. please help as it is quite an embarrassing situation. sometime i see similar lumps on some men who seem to squeeze razor bumps on their necks.


There is no point squeezing them. The only thing you can do by squeezing is cause an infection. Then the bumps will become even bigger and red and swollen and they would hurt and you would have to take antibiotics to get rid of the infection.

I reckon these are sebaceous cysts, accumulated oil substance under the skin that formed these bumps. They are not abnormal and they are not being removed. You may get even more as time passes by or they may just disappear.

You could talk to a doctor about removing them, probably by excision but you shouldn’t do anything on your own as you could make quite a mess.