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I havent had any sexual experience in my life, I'm 16 heres the story

well about 2 months ago i noticed a white spot on my scrotum on surface of the skin and it moves with it, its not uncomfortable, when i squeeze it no puss comes out.. its just hard, and it doesnt hurt, it just hurts the skin around it.. not the spot itself.. its just a white spot and it doesnt grow..

but about 2 weeks ago i saw another spot on the scrotum too but smaller and its the same it doesnt hurt.. what is this?


The bumps are called sebaceous cysts. They are nothing dangerous and will not cause any trouble but you may develop more and more of them. Many men have these bumps especially when you squeeze the scrotum. They may appear on penis as well and hairs may be coming out of them (the hairs are usually white).

They form when sebum that is secreted by oil glands under the skin cannot reach the surface because all the pores are blocked and starts accumulating under the skin. The white stuff (sebum) can’t be squeezed out because there is a thick membrane over the cysts. They can be removed by a doctor by removing the membrane and then sebum accumulation but if there are many bumps, doctors may just dismiss you by saying it is normal.

If the bumps are squeezed too much in an effort to remove the white, they may get inflamed or infected and start hurting like crazy, become red and swollen.