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im 18 yrs old my mom has ovarion cancer, my sister has some kinda polysistic ovarian disease, and i have scists on my ovaries. Just the other day i noticed some kind of lumps on the actual inside of my vagina i put my finger inside and like this white thick spots were everywhere on my finger. Im not sexally active well im a lezbian so anything that goes in my vagina is fake i dont know if it matters but i need to know please im very very worried its uncomfertable


Did you say you could feel and see white thick spots when you inserted the fingers inside, or you found the spots on your fingers when you took your fingers out?

If you felt them inside, it could be that you felt just a normal variant of vaginal cavity because it is not smooth; it is actually very lumpy and full of wrinkles. However, I am not sure if they could be felt just like that, but they are seeable when looking inside the cavity.

On the other hand, you could be feeling cysts that may appear inside vaginal cavity. They are painless and may differ in size. If cysts form, they could be causing swelling in the walls of the vagina, a lump that bulges out of the vaginal opening or even pain during sex. They may go away on their own but could be treated as well.
Considering, you felt these lumps all over the place, I reckon these are normal but I would advise you to have it checked especially since you have a family history of genital area problems/if I may say so.
Have you seen a doc already?