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My mother is italian she left me , my dad and my brother when I was 11. My dad convinced me that she went back to her country because she wanted to marry a new man. I was really mad at her , I hated her. And my dad makes me live in a box with no freedom , no faith and no justice. I'm now 14 and I'm planning to leave my dad and go to Italy to live live with mama. I think I'm a mature woman who knows how to have a right disigion. I live in Egypt. And I hope to go to mama soon. I love you mama <3


Do what you see fit , but maybe you should get both sides of the story before you judge and make the deccision to leave. Also you may believe that your father is keeping you in a box , but maybe he is just protecting you. Maybe if you left some more details , we could understand the issue better. Maybe the best idea would be to sit down and talk to your father about it , maybe he just wants what best for you but you dont see it.