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Were are 31 & 32. and are getting an abortion. Part of us wants in & the other part is saying no because of money worries & starting all over again.
Its really odd as ive allways wanted another child but now its happened it just dont seem the right time
Im really scared about the wife going for the abortion & just carnt get my head around the fact that this is our only chose.
Ive said to the wife that im there 100% all the way if we keep it or abort. Is it natural to be so confused and hurt like this before the abortion?


>;) Aboprtions are Wrong, dot have sex if you are not willing to have the baby that is pathetic and hurting a poor innocent baby...

The Aborted Baby: The Crying Fetus
by Patricia Joan Polhans

I saw Jesus holding 'thin his hands
An aborted baby, killed by man.
She'd done nothing to deserve this fate
Though, in his hands she silently waits

As those came seeking out her young life,
Standing there, all dressed in tainted white.
Whether to live or die was not her choice.
She was never giv'n and alt'ring voice.

She pleaded for her life but no one heard
The screaming cries as her heart was stirred.
Now, she lay lifeless 'thin the Master's hands
This was ne'er his will, and ne'er His plans.

It brought sharp tears to the Father's eyes
For she 'as a special gift, child of Christ.
Many questions had filled her wee thoughts.
Struggling to live, many answers she sought.

What had she done and what did mom fear,
From a little child that God called dear?
What problems mom had, she knew not of,
As she gazed through precious eyes of love.

Mom 'll never count small fingers 'n' toes,
Nor watch her as she quietly grows.
She'll never know the preciousness of
A child giving her a kiss of love.

What'd she done deserving this horrid fate?
An innocent child, yet, her life they'd take.
Hear her desperate cries! Hear her faint pleas!
"Mama! Mama! Oh, dear Mama, please!"

"I'll be a good girl, I won't ever cry.
I'll even do chores, just don't let me die!"
But only silence filled the Master's hands.
As the child lay lifeless, not breathing 'gain.

Now she'll never look in mother's eyes
As she sings to her sweet lullabyes.
She'll ne'er stroll in the park near her father
Or feel the loving arms of a mother.

Some called her nothing but a fetus
But, now, she lay in the hands of Jesus!
Why did she have to come to this fate?
No help for her now, it's just too late!

Why did you make me die?

It's early yet the month is one, though you can't see me, we've just begun. I'm small I don't have the hide, I'm just a small seed inside. Four weeks later, month two, I'm still small, but a part of you. Mommy you'll love me, just wait and see, you'll be so proud of me. Time is passing, the month three, now I'm someone you can see, my hair is black, my eyes are brown. Mommy you'll love to have me around. It's later the month is four, I know I won't grow anymore. Even though it may not be right, mommy just killed me last night. Now I'm gone the month is five, mommy killed me, I'm not alive. Abortions the name they give it, it takes your life before you live it. I wanted to be born, the month is six, its already done, it can't be fixed. Guess mommy didn't love me, she just threw me away. She'll never forget me, I'm in her memory to stay. I've got a new home. The month is seven, mommy killed me, I'm now in Heaven. I was beautiful, but now I'm gone, only my memory lingers on. If I were around the month would be eight, I know mommy loved, but now it's to late. I was murdered by my mommy's own hand, I guess I'm to little to understand. Good-bye mommy the month is nine, if I were here it would be fine. Though I'm in Heaven I still cry, 'O' God Mommy why did you make me die?

I'm just a baby

The special little angels that God has let up borrow
Have lived their too short lives knowing nothing but sorrow

There is nothing more precious than tiny little feet
Making the pitter patter sounds and make your life complete

Their tiny little hands hold on to big hands they adore
Why can't we love them equally and give them so much more

Why must we find such angels in garbage cans and rivers
And hear about such horrors that up your spine send shivers

When babies are so tiny they do not understand
Why mommy wasn't there for them to lend a helping hand

Where was she when they needed her where were the loving arms
The ones that were supposed to guard and keep them from all harm

Why were those eyes so hateful, why is mommy being so mean
What have I done to make her ignore my desperate screams

Maybe someone will hear me is there a mommy there
Will she please take me with her and show me that she cares

Dear Lord, I'm just a baby, please make her understand
She's not supposed to kill me or leave me in this can

Oh God, I thought you told me that she would love me so
That she would love me always and rock me to and fro

You said that she would kiss me and hold me when cry
But dear Lord she is leaving me and hoping that I die

I am too small to crawl right now and much too small to walk
Oh Lord please won't you tell her for I can't even talk

I promise I'll be happy, I promise I won't cry
Oh please, dear Lord, please tell her, I'll really, really try

To be the perfect baby I'll do my very best
I'll sleep, I promise, soundly and even let her rest

If only she could hear my thoughts, I promise not to nag
Please someone won't you help me, she's putting me in this bag

Maybe someone will find me before the break of dawn
And care for me and love me before my life is gone

To Mumy

Mummy you should see me now
I have fingers and toes, I don't know how
Mummy I have ears and eyes, I can hear and see
Oh mummy are you getting as excited as me?

I can't wait until I see the world
To see your face when you realize I'm your baby girl
Mummy I just can't wait till I wear those clothes
All dressed in pale pink and pretty bows

Mummy why are you crying?
Is it because you're scared? Well don't worry mummy
I know you'll do great, I can feel how much you care

Mummy I think something's wrong
There's something in here with me
Its shaped like a tube, all round and long
Mummy I can't hear you anymore, I can't even see

There's a bright light nearby
Mummy do you think I should try and hide?
I can't help it mummy, its pulling me in
What did I do wrong mummy? I'm too young to sin

Well mummy I have to go
But first I want to let you know
That I love you mummy
And I was excited about having my first dummy
I wanted to have fun and run around
I wanted to have tantrums and throw myself on the ground
I wanted to grow up and have a best friend
And mummy I wanted to be with you until the end
I wanted to get married someday, and have kids of my own
I wanted you to be proud of me, all pretty and grown
But mummy I guess that there's something you'll never see
Just promise me mummy that you'll never forget me

Mummy I love you so

Mommy I love you so


do you really think that helped to answer the question? stay off questions like these if you are pro life