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As a rastafari brother and a type 1 diabetic for ten years (about 14 500 injections already), i&i find the marijauna herb the most relevant dosage of my daily medication.
So yeah i&i inject iself four times daily and uses the herb once a day. It is a spiritual must for all diabetics to release their fears of the truth that is the medical corrupt (drug dealing) system be blamed for not finding a cure for diabetes but want us to suffer constant flesh penetrations and not want us to be exposed to and legalise the cure, which is the controlled use of marijuana smoke or in food or drink for more times than one can inject oneself a day.

Therefore i say that for every injection there is 3 marijuana sections. So that we must stamp out this medical regime that are parasitic and the cause of diseases in the first place, and whom can't find any cures but just drugs drugs drugs to sell to our people.

legalise marijuana for diabetics. Let diabetics be taken for marijuana tests to really find out why it is that some doctors allows people to use hards drugs and be scared and reluctant to use the marijuana.

Because it is this same herb that is talked about in the bible (sweet calamus whics means cannibis) to cure mankind from all diseases; and this same herb that has been criticised by the system which is a system of medical practioners that for centuries cannot find a simple cure for diabetes in all these years. So now are we waiting in vain or are we forwarding this medical regime to inject us with more and more of this life altering (controlling) ' drugs' medicines to keep us in their economic system, which by the way tells us not to use the marijuana because it is bad for them and their economy.

Diabetics must be aware that in biblical times when Zebedee the father of John were blinded in the bible until John's birth and could then see again. It is thought that this man had diabetes and was cured by the use of the marijuana herb after God told him to seek the finest herb that represents the eyesight to wisdom.

How sweet is this life we live!!!

Don i


Cannabis is indeed an extremely potent 'harmonising' effect.

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