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Good Morning All, I'm a truck driver who has type 2 diabetes. Are there any truck drivers out there having trouble getting their blood sugar levels under control when on the road. I have blood pressure problems as well and it seems so difficult to stop and take care of all these things. Anyone found solutions to these problems? I would be great if you could share that with me. I need to get a schedule down somehow and get into that routine. Most of the time I end up eating at a truck stop and you know what kind of food that is. But, I still need to take that kind of break to check my blood sugar levels. I still don't know how I can exercise while driving. Is there a good place to stop where I can do that? Thanks.



Hi, I can see that it would be difficult for a truck driver to manage diabetes. I think that goes without saying. After fighting traffic through out the day, the only thing you have to look forward is that truck stop. Driving truck can be very stressful and that will affect your sugar levels as well. More often than not, you're starving by the time you get to the greasy spoon and no doubt you pig out on some of the worst foods that no one should eat. It can be very difficult to figure out what to do about this.


I would suggest taking a nutrition class just for diabetics. If you have insurance, it will pay for that but that requires you spend a couple of days in class. No doubt, you need to move especially if you drive long distances. A forum like this one is a good place to find truck driving diabetics who have been able to cope with this. One thing you can do, which any diabetic might do, truck driver or not, is to pick up a good sized cooler and keep it in your truck. You fill this with fruits and veggies and snacks and even meat and seafood if you keep it cool. Some of these items can be eaten while your driving and the others can be cooked in the evening. A small hot plate can do the trick or perhaps you can run a small microwave in your truck. If you can find a good place to park, like a large parking lot, you can pull over and make yourself a meal. If you're at a grocery store, you can go in and buy the foods you need as well and stock up again if needed. As far as exercise goes, you might try stopping at those rest areas that have nice parks and you could walk around there or even do some aerobic exercises in the park area. I know I've seen trucker drivers exercising in these parks. I found them useful when I'm driving my car. They are great places to stop at. Good luck in getting your diet under control and setting up a diet regime.