It all started on tuesday, i ran out of daily contacts and was still waiting for my new ones to come out. I went almost a week with the same daily contact (i know, i was playing with fire. Lesson learned.) A week later, this past wednesday, my eye got red. I knew it was coz of my contacts and it wasnt that read. So i kept them on. On thursday my contacts arrived so i put them on (theyre monthly, but surprisingly thin) i thought the redness of my left eye would dissapear during the day. I was wrong. After i took them off and put my glasses on (since it was only me and my bestie). Friday morning: i woke up to a swollen eye. Just out of the blue. My hypothese is that it is either a spider bite, i did wake up with a bite on my back and arm, but i did not find any spiders on my bed. A spye, but it isnt a ball nor on my eye's waterline. It's a bump on the right corner of my eyelid. Not red nod itchy or irritating. Just a bump. Swollen.what can it be? And how can i get rid of it? What should i do?