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Does anyone have Meibomianitis because of PCOS? can it cause your eyes to become red? what do you do every day to wash your face to manage the irritation? i've had red eyes in the corners and around the outside of my eyes for 2 years now, it's worse when i've just woke up but goes less red after i've got some water, when i wash my face or go outside and i wondered what it was, i did some searching today and found out it's something called Meibomianitis where the glands on your eyelids stops working right and excess oils gets created, which also causes dry skin around the eyes and when you wake up your eyes are watery, it's like lack of moisture. My eyes are definitely quite damp when i've just woke up and they definitely do get crusty even when i'm awake, i'm just always wiping bits of crust from the corers of my eyes, since it started i've always get a little red bump inside my left waterline too, also get dry skin between my eyebrows. I've started getting these little white heads on my waterline too, not sore or anything but if i don't wash my face they have suddenly just started coming up, my hair gets SO greasy and same for my skin especially on my forehead, eyelids, nose, eyebrows and after just 2 days of washing my hair i'm already seeing a pool of grease across my hairline and on top of my head... my hair hasn't been the same since things got worse, even when washed it feels dryer, lank and more lifeless. My mum said she also used to get the white heads on her waterline too, then since she was 35 she's had  rosacea and her mum started that too. i've got PCOS too and there is a history of hormone problems with some women on her side, my mum always used to have really heavy periods since she was 15 and started becoming irregular around 24, same for me but it started getting worse around 17 but i only had minor PCOS symptoms since i was 15 before it got worse around 17. It all sounds about right lol since i also have chillbains which she had in her 20s also, but i'm gonna cry if if i start with skin problems... *sigh*, darn genes...  Can anyone else relate to me? and are your eyes red too because of the dysfunctioning eye glands?.


Or could it be dry eyes because of being on my computer all day? but that wouldn't cause so much grease and the white heads on my waterline, would it?.