I am a 32 year old female. I have a problem in my right eye, the eyelid is swollen and red (inside), my eye gets crusty and swells shut, and flips inside out when I am sleeping, and I feel pressure on my eye along with the feeling that I have a foreign object in my eye which prevents me from being able to sleep. My eyelashes are so distorted because of the swelling and discharge that they now curl UNDER instead of out. My eye constantly waters, and I get a lot of mucus gathering in the corner. I have been to four eye doctors over the last three and a half YEARS,and have been told that it is allergies (by 3 of them), or a blocked tear duct(by an opthalmologist). He prescribed antibiotic drops, but said that I may need to see a tear duct specialist. I have tried antibiotic drops, steroid drops, lubricating eye ointment, and EVERYTHING I can think of over the counter, and prescription. I am at a total loss! My eye seems to get over stressed and I get double vision sometimes because of the other eye trying to compensate for the blur in my right eye due to the discharge. I am desperate for an answer, and very much afraid that it is getting worse. Can anyone give me any advice?