After my abortion in August, I was told by my doctor that I should start taking birth control when my next period started to avoid becoming pregnant again. I skipped taking it on my first period and started the birth control on the Sunday after my second period instead, to see how normal my periods would be. Well, my period came at the end of 2 weeks of pills, still having one week of active pills left, then the sugar pills. It was a normal period for me, and I continued taking the active pills as the doctor said I could become pregnant if I had recent sex and didn't continue the active pills, then I finished the sugar pills and stopped taking the birth control altogether. My dentist gave me antibiotics to take before a root canal that would screw up my birth control if I had kept taking it. It's now been about 6 weeks since my last period, and I've been waiting for my period to start again to begin the birth control again. I had been responsible in taking the pills, and never had unprotected sex or sex at all for a couple weeks before taking 1 week of birth control. I have no symptoms of pregnancy. Are irregular periods like this normal after abortion? Or could I somehow be pregnant again? Has anyone experienced anything similar?