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We are struggling with someone we know has an addiction and no doctors to agree to their "pain" but agree to their mental condition. They are filling sometimes 2x the prescriptions of:

Methadone at 150 pills a month
Hydracodone of 180 pills a month
Dizaepam of 120 month
Soma350 90 month
Norco10 90 month
Adderall 60 month
Xanax 60 month

when filled 2x a month because they "lost" the prescription or were in too much pain don't you think someone would notice a trend and this is an addiciton?

am I wrong to assume there is a major problem here?


The doctor who prescribes this cocktail should lose his license, in my opinion. THIS is why the united states has so many addicts, from script happy doctors who get rewarded by the pharmacutical companies to use their drugs. It goes against what every doctor swore not to do when they became doctors.."I will will do no harm....".