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My husband was a herion addict for 4 years in the late 90's. He has been clean for 8 years and recently "slipped". As he puts it. He started using valium for depression and then an opportunity presented itself to hit the H again (not injected). Figuring he had it kicked he thought he could handle a one time high. Needless to say, that did not work. He says he only did H a couple of times, but was using methadone pills. Then using valium and xanax. All up his nose. He swears that he is not using now. It has been 3 weeks since he came clean and stopped using. We visited a Psychiatrist in early June and they put him on Celexa for depression. He was not honest with the Dr. about what he was abusing. Or that he was abusing anything. And at the time, I was not aware of the extent of what he was using.

So I have several questions. how long does methadone stay in your system? He is exhibiting symptoms that are not normal. Slurred speech, drowsiness, slow or troubled breathing, hallucinations and sluggishness. He has gotten suboxan to take stating that this will take the edge off and the feeling of needing the other drugs. He has not started taking it yet. Saying that he has read that methadone stays in your system for 30 days and he is not sure about the reaction to his Celexa.

This all seems like excuses to me and from what he is displaying, I think he is still using. Can anyone give me some insight, help or suggestions. I am at my witts end.

Spouse in need of answers.


There are quite a few meds that methadone can react with and its extreamly important he is honest with ALL his doctors. A few years ago my husband went on methadone for the same problem- he SAID he told the doc about his psyc meds (he was put on them while in rehab a few months before) but Zyprexa was one that they must have "overlooked" because that and the methadone caused him to stop breathing completely and was clinically dead for 4 minutes....Giving your own husband CPR is one of the scariest things in the world.... What i am saying is YOU need to tell his doctors what he doesn't...I did and didn't care about the "reprecussions" from him at the time because it might just save his life.
You have a long hard road a head of you and the one thing to keep in mind is no matter what you CANNOT trust him...he is not himself, Heroin addiction has taken him over and he is not the same...there is only ONE thing he cares about right now and that is her. Herion. I know this better than anyone. I know its hard to say no to your husband when you can see the pain in his eyes but you must if you want him to definately sounds like he is still using and abusing either the methadone or most likely Heroin. Hes lying about something I assure you. And will be extreamly defensive and will never admit to it if it means that he might not be able to get high....with addicts they HAVE to hit rock bottom before they will want help- only thing u can really do give him the safest "bottom" to fall on- get your own bank account, hide all valuables and enlist any help you can...above all try to be as non-threatening to him as possiable- he is not in his right mind and he doesnt think anyone can be trusted--- tell him over and over that you are not the enemy, u love him, need him, and need him to feel good again...once he realizes you wont freak out he will probably come clean about more recent use... let him know you understand he is in pain and you dont want him to hurt
In all honesty suboxone isnt the best med for heroin addicts- its better for other opiate users such as presciption if he has used recently and isnt in full withdrawl when he starts it he will get really sick... Methadone can work wonders for him but it would be best if used without psyc meds (addicyion can make a lot of mentalillnesses "appear" and once you deal w/ addiction the other problems seem to take care of themselves, usually....but with methadone, mant pts need to be on it for years, if not indefinately...but, IMO better that than in jail, or worse.... i could go on about all of this forever as i have been through helland back with my husband and have worked in treatment centers in the need to talk let me know and ill pm you my info (i might do it anyways just incase) good luck, stay strong )sorry for spelling and other errors as my 8 month old is kicking the keyboard