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Is methatrexate a treatment for psoriasis


Yes, methatrexate is psoriasis treatment but not cure. I don’t know if you are aware of the sad fact that there is no cure for psoriasis.

Do you suffer from this disease or someone from your surrounding?

Treatment of psoriasis depends a lot on what kind of psoriasis a person has and what part of body is infected and then you never know if it would work. A very close friend of mine has scalp psoriasis and she bought this T-gel shampoo for relieving psoriasis and some similar scalp problems but she had a severe reaction from it. This is the problem because she didn’t talk to her dermatologist at all about this product.

I know that people have phototherapy to treat psoriasis and also a medicine called anthralin. The thing with anthralin is that it doesn’t start working immediately but once it starts, it keeps psoriasis our breaks off for a long time.

As for the methatrexate…it is used for the severest types of psoriases and cases where over 30% of skin is affected. It is very efficient but there are limitations to its use. Not everyone can use this medicine. That is why it needs to be discussed with a dermatologist about other present health conditions especially pregnancy!