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I’ve been suffering from psoriasis for three years now. It started around my shoulders and at first steroid creams have been somewhat effective, but the longer I used them I started to develop more and more side effects. MY skin is already too weak from psoriasis flare-ups and steroids so I’ve been trying to discuss any alternative treatment that could prevent psoriasis spreading to my scalp… but to no avail. She only told me I might later get narrow band UV treatment, which I hope my insurance will cover, but I’ve also read up on Xtrac laser treatment for psoriasis.

It seems to be way more effective than UV or steroids, but it takes few months course and I doubt my insurance will cover the price of that. If anyone had Xtrac laser treatment for psoriasis, could you please tell me is it worth the extra money? How long do the results last?


Hello Guest. I have done some research on the Xtrac laser for psoriasis treatment, and I have to admit, it is impressive!  I think that for what it does for the patient in producing great effects like it does, it is well worth the money.  It is definitely worth looking into. The number of treatments will depend on the severity of your psoriasis.  I hope that your insurance will cover your treatment, whichever course you choose.  I am not sure about the UV treatment but maybe it is effective as well.

Has any of forum readers tried Xtrac laser treatments for their psoriasis?  How effective were they in treating your psorasis?