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my sister is suffering from a very bad case of psoriasis and she was at first treated with light therapy at her dermatologist, together with immunosuppressant medications she is still taking, but her psoriasis doesn’t seem to get any better by using only the medications and the cost of dermatologist light therapy isn’t covered by our insurance any more.

That’s why we’re considering buying light therapy device that can be used at home, but they aren’t exactly cheap either, so if anyone has experience with these devices, were they effective for you?



I'm still lucky to be able to afford the co-pay for the phototherapy at the dermatologist's office, even though it is my main treatment, so at least I don't pay for the medications. And it definitely does work, more than any other treatment I've tried so far, but it took about 30+ sessions for most of my back to clear up.

I'd recommend you to check with your insurance company if they will cover any of the narrow band UVB devices you can use at home, even though co-pay will still be high it will be less expensive than paying the whole price. I'm thinking about buying a stick like device that's used for treating the smaller patches (even at my derm's office), because at least for me, the device worked.