World expert William Shotyk found that mineral water that is being stored in plastic containers for over three months could be lethal. It is known that plastic containers release antimony-a deadly toxin. William Shotyk realized that the levels of this toxin rise as water is being stored in these plastic containers for long.

Ground water and another 15 types of bottled mineral water in Canada and 48 brands of water in Europe were tested. The results showed traces of antimony, which is used for making plastic bottles. Small amounts of this poisonous toxin could make us ill and depressed while larger amounts could lead to violent vomiting and even death.

The results of the study Shotyk conducted showed low levels of antimony in the water but it also showed how the amounts nearly doubled when the bottles were stored for three months.

While this professor is swearing that he won’t be drinking bottled water ever again, others are a bit more suspicious about the effects of antimony and report that further studies need to be arranged to prove on it’s negative and dangerous effects.