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my friend has calcium bidl up in his legs which swell twice the size of his leg it hurts in the back of his legs and he can hardly walk what herb can he use to get rig of this bildup? thank you for your prompt attention into this matter


Hi there, Greetings from Australia,
Just letting u know that I have treated a number of clients with similar 'medical conditions' as to your friend's, with "Oral Oxygen Therapy" using 'AVANI Supercharged Oxygenated Water'. Significant improvements observed within 'weeks' of treatment. After a couple of months of intensive treatment, they'd recovered totally from it.

Tell him to stay away from "Mineral" bottled water and tap water. Get himself Drinking distilled water or better still a Reverse Osmosis water (R.O) instead.
"Minerals" in water are "INORGANIC", which our body cannot use. Please read the book written by Hollywood Nutrition Guru, Dr. Patricia Bragg titled "WATER, The Shocking Truth That Can Save Your Life"

Though Distilled and Reverse Osmosis water are a very good substitute fluid intake but one thing it DOES NOT do is "HEALING." The T.D.S (Total Dissolved Solids) in both of these waters are less than 2 mg/l. It's pure water will HELP to BREAK away the Calcium build-up BUT it will not help to "HEAL" the 'damaged' tissue 'underneath' the "Build-up" areas. The DISSOLVED OXYGEN (D.O) levels in both of these waters are around 95-98% in volume, which is Not bad but... it is also not enough to promote healing of the body tissue. The BLOOD OXYGEN LEVEL (using a SPO2, Oximeter) of an average adult person is between 95-99%.

"AVANI Supercharged Oxygenated Water" has 173% of DISSOLVED OXYGEN. The T.D.S in AVANI Supercharged Oxygenated Water is also less than 2 mg/l. It's extremely pure water quality will help to break away and REMOVES ALL the "Build-ups" IN OUR BODY, the EXTRA OXYGEN in AVANI will help PROMOTES rapid HEALING of the damaged tissues around the affected areas.

This treatment has no side-effects, requires no medical supervision, no dosage, safe to be used even with your medication/s and it is also safe to be used by ALL AGE GROUPS and GENDERS, even 'INFANTS'. BEST of all, you'll see RESULTS FAST!!


I have something to add, since I'm on 'Drinking Pure Water' topic.

Drinking 'PURE' water will also help to Dissolve and 'Eliminate' "STONES" (eg. Kidneys and Gall Bladder) in our body. I am 100% sure of this because I've treated about 42 clients who were suffering from these medical conditions with success.

Thank you for your time and kind patience.

Best Regards,