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I'm a 37 YO Male and its been 6 days since my Tonsillectomy. I can assure you that the first 3 days was pure hell for me. Couldnt swallow or drink. I needed to swish my mouth with a painkiller before taking my pills. I started to dillute my bills with gatorade after the 3rd day. I agree that you need to keep hydrated and found that Gatorade or any drink of its kind works best on me.

Have you guys experience minor belleding in the morning when you wake up. I seem to wake up the past 3 days with a sore throat and minor bleeding. when i spit, the mucous looks like little clots. Just wondering if this is normal. It actually stops after I start drinking water and doesnt bleed during the day.


we're in the same shoes buddy, i would like to know myself what causes this morning bleed. I get up in the morning, clear my throat and see mucous mixed with blood, every morning. i never had surgery though, but one time i had an acid infection that caused the bleed, through endoscopy, my doc figured it out. It might be reoccurring. So check out an ENT Dr. dont take risks of it getting cancerous.