Two-week-old Woody Lander was a healthy little boy in one moment when he suddenly started turning white and struggling for breath. His parents, Jon and Karen Lander, immediately took him to the hospital in Leeds, England where they struggled for his life.

About twenty nurses and doctors were all around him, performing heart massage for half an hour after which Woody stopped breathing for good. There was nothing else they good do for the little fellow as he suffered a heart attack.

They gave the little boy to his parents, who were crushed and overwhelmed with sadness, to say good bye.

As one of the nurses was removing the tubes from his mouth, Woody coughed and his heart continued beating. What many would call a miracle was the child’s natural resilience.

One of the doctors explained that children have characteristics that allow them to survive incredible circumstances.

No brain damage or lasting health problems occurred from the event and the boy who is now 14 months old is doing absolutely fine.