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I have had the mirena since 3/11/08 it its now 11/10/11 for the first year of having mirena it was great no periods no weight gain. I started out at 115lbs when i gave birth i weighed 200 and i went back down to 135lbs after. i slowly started spotting now its to where i keep panty liners in my purse because its so unpredictable. I have headaches everyday it seems. i can sleep for ten hours and wake up feeling exhausted i toss n turn all night. i have bad cramps all the time. sex is painful when hits cervix i get bloated afterwards and dont feel sexxy or in the mood anymore. my weight has gone back up to 165lbs and i am always bloated i look about 5 months pregnant and nothing helps excerise, diet pills, diets nothing works. for the past 3 years now i get BV every month it seems and when i take the antibiotics which make me sick it goes away for a few weeks then i get a yeast infection... and on and on..... and doctors visits and medication is expensive and i have no health insurance. I have no patience for my son whatsoever and if anyone slightly gets on my bad side i nearly rip there heads off. I am thinking about removing it myself??


you should get your period around the same time, if the time comes and passes, then i would definately take a test