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I'm 43. I've had a Mirena for 7 years. It was to stop disabling, continual heavy periods. When the first Mirena expired, I had another put in immediately after removing the first. I thought nothing was better than light to non-existant periods which was only possible with the Merina. I thought I'd never have to go through life of period hell again. Three weeks ago the Mirena came out by itself. The bleeding started again and got so heavy I thought of going to Emergency. Today, the bleeding subsided. For the first time for many, many years, I felt peace. I also didn't feel like pigging out.
On reflection, since I had the Mirena, I gained 10 kilos (22lb) of horrible cellulitey fat, suffered almost constant ectopic (skipped) heartbeats, was only able to sleep a few hours every night, I felt grumpy 99% of the time and was so foggy and forgetful I thought I had early onset alzheimer's.
My self-image plummeted. Never once did I think of attributing this to the Mirena.
I wouldn't be writing on this post if I didn't feel a dramatic contrast. I've got colour back in my face. I fill calm, positive and in control; not the junk-eating, overwhelmed-by-everything wreck I though I was. Now I'm looking at natural ways of balancing my body to reduce the bleeding.
I can't say for sure that all that turmoil was caused by the Merina, but today, I truly feel like I've been exorcised of a demon.


I can see where you are coming from.  I was told that if my Mirena was pushed out it was because my body seen it as foreign and was trying to rid my system of the intruder.  But instead of doing that, i kept getting bacterial vaginosis really bad and it was so embarrassing!  It would occur every 3 months and my body was starting to become ammune to the antibiotics i was given to fight the infection.  I kept telling the doctor that it had to be the IUD and they kept saying it was highly doubtful.  After my 6th time of having BV in two years, i went to the doctor and said take it out right now.  When they pulled it out, you could smell the rotteness coming off of it.  I knew it was the culprit.  I have been good since i had it taken out, however my first and second periods after it was pulled were heavy and very crampy.  After that, i was good and have been for a while now.