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Hello. A couple(12/03)weeks ago I was staying at my sister's place to babysit her kids while her and her boyfriend went to work at 3am.
So I got there around 9pm and went to bed at like 10. And I woke up(don't know the time) to what felt like something or someone laying on top of me and I couldn't move. My legs felt like they had fallen asleep and they were tingling numb. And when I opened my eyes I looked over and seen the shadow of someone holding 2 flashlights by thier head, they had a hoodie pulld down over thier face, and I remember pointing at them and then my head was slamed back on the pillow, and I guess I fainted. When I woke up my nose and throat was burning, and I had a really bad headache like I had been smelling paint all day. And I reached down to scratch my thigh, and there was a something slimy all over both of my thighs it went all the way down to my knees. Then I felt inside myself and there was a big glob of it it almost looked like snot. I know that sounds gross, but that's the only thing I could think of it looked like. It coverd 2 1/2 of my fingers.
And Now I am late on my period. My last period was on like around Nov. 11-15. And my period is very regular. I have been having nightmares, and I have been feeling sleepy and tired, and I have been having cramps in my lower belly, but it don't feel like pms cramps. It's faint and dosent really hurt. And my head has been having a sharp pain going through it on the left side it will only last about 10 seconds.
Is this signs of pregnancy
I am 22 years old and this will be my first. What a way to get that way huh? :(
I would have went to to police sooner, but I had to remember what I saw. and it was too late to do a rape kit. Could I be pregnant?


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This sounds really scary. Rape is a serious criminal delict. I suggest you to go to police and explain what happened. Don't forget - IT"S NEVER TOO LATE!!! JUST DO IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

It could be also possible that your genital area is injured, or infected with some STD or thousands other bad things could happen during this "unwanted intercourse".

Visit the police first and their doctors will take care of you for sure. Don't hesitate, do it now! Do it for your own health!

I hope you'll keep us updated with your case and believe me, if you visit the police, you'll do the right thing.

Take care and let us know what happened!

We are all with you!

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Hello! I agree with admin, you need to report this incident to the authorities if you haven’t already.
Another thing you need to do for your own mental and physical health is to seek immediate medical attention. You may not notice injuries or symptoms at first but they could get worse. This especially relates to sexually transmitted diseases that could be treated if early diagnosed.

Act of rape usually has a deep mental impact on the victim. You may go through many different emotions that you can’t deal with on your own. You may feel as if you’re loosing control, self-respect, have flashbacks, experience anger and anxiety, depression and mood swings, and many other problems that ask for professional help. You are very young and I think you need someone to help you go through this.

Counseling is an important way to regain a sense of control over your life and also help you cope with the physical and emotional reactions.

As for your question about being pregnant…yes, there is a possibility as you reported to have found sperm inside of you. This is why you need to seek help, so that professionals can give you proper information about the possible options.

What about your sister’s children? Are they ok?

I am very sorry that you had to go through this. I find it important for your own sake to report this criminal act, so that possible attackers are found and punished and prevent from committing more of such monstrous acts.


I also agree with admin. I am now almost 19, but when I was 15 I was in an abusive relationship and he raped me a couple times. Unfortunately I waited too long to tell anyone, and the police said there wasn't enough evidence to press charges. However, I have been in counseling since, and I am like a brand new person. I would suggest going to a gynocologist of some sort to make sure you didn't get an STD of some sort and take a pregnancy test...I'm sorry this happened to you :-( So many rapes go un-reported, you need to at least report what happened to you, you never know who else could have had the same thing done to them by that same person.


Rape is very hard I agree that you should have gone to the doctor, if you did have semen you could have most likely busted the ones that did it with a rape kit. Since its too late now I would definatelly go to the doctor anyway and soon to check on any type of std's or pregnacy.