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I know its terrible topic but I would like to know if it is or not. The babies father was running out and the worst is he's foreign Spanish. The baby formed in rape date/to be sounds good the fruit of date. I'm a fresh college student with the age of more than 20 who aim career for the future. After I found out I am pregnant, I was seeking help to abort it and it happened of the 7 to 8th week pregnancy. Yes, I found but the pills doesn't work even I took more 20 pills. After that my sickness was all gone but the abortion are not successful. "DO I GIVE UP EVERYTHING AND TAKE CARE BABY EVEN I KNOW I COULD NOT RAISE IT? or "I TAKE ABORTION FOR MY FUTURE LIFE?


Hi Ramona

Abortion or Medical Termination of Pregnancy in the first trimester is of two types, one is taking the abortion pills and second is surgical method. Since you tried the first option, you will have to approach a surgeon who is qualified to terminate your pregnancy with medical intervention. I will list the procedure below -

Aspiration is the medical term for an abortion routinely used up to 13 weeks LMP and on some occasions up to 15 weeks LMP. It is performed in the clinic by a physician who specializes in abortion care and takes less than 5 minutes to complete.  Sedation is an option for the aspiration procedure.

An aspiration appointment includes: the ultrasound (sonogram) to assess stage of pregnancy, bloodwork, a review of your health history, giving informed consent, decision-making about sedation and birth control options, as well as learning what to expect during and after the procedure, performing the aspiration, and your in-clinic recovery time. All of your questions will be answered; all of your options will be explained. The appointment may last anywhere from 2 to 4 hours.

After the abortion, depending on the optional sedation you selected, you recover within the clinic for about 20 minutes and then will be discharged with aftercare instructions, medications to be take for the next week, along with a 24 hour number where you can reach us if you have any questions or concerns after the procedure. Women who choose sedation must have a driver. You may return to work or school the next day. We recommend a follow up appointment within 2 to 4 weeks from your aspiration procedure.

Approach a doctor for the procedure. Good luck