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I finished my period xmas day. Myself and my partner are actively trying to conceive. We last had sex 6th 7th and 8th Jan when he was home and I was raped Friday night! I have taken the morning after pill 12pm Saturday. If I fall pregnant this month who is more likely to have farthered the child. My partner is yet to know about the rape. I don't want him doing something that could ruin both our lives. And I fear that if I do tell him it will ruin what we have.


my head is all over the place. It's the only month I am preying for my period to come. 


Any advice would be greatly appreciated 


i am am going to go the police but not till I feel ready: I am so scared at the moment 


Hi Scared,

Go to the police NOW.  They may still be able to obtain evidence of the rape.  Do NOT delay.

When did your period start?  I'm guessing around 12/20.

If so, you'd likely ovulate between 12/31 and 1/5.  The egg can remain viable for up to about 48 hours.  You were likely past your most fertile period when you had sex.

Being raped on 1/13, it was very likely too late to become pregnant.  You didn't even need the morning after pill.

I'm sorry about the rape.  I think it unlikely that you are going to get pregnant this month.

Good luck - and go to the police, please!



Thank you for the reply. I am absolutely terrified. My last period started around the 21st December. I am going to the sexual health clinic today although I know they will tell me to return in aprox 14 days for screening .
It's such a horrible situation to be in.


Hi dan. It's now the 24th Jan and I am yet to start my period for this month, I am so down and depressed after the rape it's unreal. It's constantly on my mind. If I am pregnant this month what are the chances the rapist farthered the child? Taking into consideration I had taken lavonell less than 12 hours later?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated