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I lost my virginity a month ago, which was during the time I was supposed to get my period. He barely penetrated and I started bleeding so we stopped. I guess you can say he popped my cherry. But after we tried it again the next day, we had intercourse for about a minute or 2 and later during that week I started "spotting". Where I would bleed here and there at small amounts. So I got worried. I didnt think it was period blood bc it wasnt like my old periods. I did cramp.

later on, after my missed period, I went to purchase pregnancy tests. I came up negative. on both.
It is now june the 14 and im worried bc my period was suppose to come at the beginning of the month, around 1-10. the single digit days. i think i missed 2 periods now since losing my virginity.

someone please tell me whats wrong


Hi honey! The BIGGEST question is was it protected sex? And also r your periods usually regular! And have both of you been tested for STI's?